My vision

Jesus once said: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

I do not have the full understanding of what Jesus meant by abundant life. That depends on his standard, which I do not think is our Western idea of what abundant life is. I believe Jesus’ view of abundant life has so much to do with that which is in our hearts and souls. But I also know that He cares for our physical well being. And I am confident that millions of malnourished children is not Jesus standard of abundant life. Malnutrition can cause many things. Many children still die from malnutrition, many also do not, but they live on to have difficulty thriving in school, develop properly and have a less productive life. Malnourished girl children have a higher likelihood of dying during pregnancy related to complications. The largest amount of malnourished children are in South Asia. Here is a challenge that I believe is on God’s heart and that is why I am motivated to take up that challenge.

One way of how we can tackle this challenge is by training and encouraging workers that are working out in communities to prevent, identify and fight malnutrition and other mother and child (the most vulnerable in low-income settings) related health issues. We know that people from the communities that suffer from many destructive health issues (diarrhoea, pneumonia and yes malnutrition) can be trained with simple health care messages and they can in turn help to improve the health in their communities. But what they often lack is somebody to support them and give them continuous training. This is what I would like to be doing, by at some point, set up a form of resource centre, all for the benefit of these community health workers.


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