Interesting Links

Now that we are in 2015 and have come to the end of the millennium development goals it is time for us as a global community to look ahead and think of what is our next step. Read all about it in this guardian article.

Loom International in Portland, Oregon, want to support teams that work among Women and Children at risk through partnership and interdependence: “Together change is possible” is their motto. Here is their blog and website.

Here you can read up on the Master’s programme in International Health and the institution where I will study at Uppsala University.

Here is a website I am on a lot: WHO I love doing research here and just get lost of resources! Another of those websites/organisations is UNICEF.

Hans Rosling is a professor in International or Global Health at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. He is a very intriguing speaker and has talks on TED talks. He has started a statistics software called gapminders, compiling statistics on especially child and maternal mortality. Do check out his website and watch some TED talks at, my favorite is “The Magic Washing Machine”


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