Visiting the Highlands and a friend!

I have now been in Scotland for about two weeks! I am here attending a course in spiritual deepening and it has been very good so far. The weekend before it started I took the chance to visit a friend I met in Uppsala, Sweden that now lives back in Inverness in Northern Scotland or as they also call it: the Highlands! I landed in Edinburgh and had about four hours before the bus up to Inverness would leave. I took the chance to some of the town with my suitcase dragging behind… What I didn’t know was that the world’s largest performance and art festival (The Fringe) was going on so I had to share the streets with quite a few other people. Well let me guide you through some snippets of the trip over that weekend with the following pictures.


Above: I like getting a coffee in different places. Here I enjoyed my packed sandwiches in a little back-alley in the old city of Edinburgh.


Saturday was spent seeing the town of Inverness! It is one of the biggest towns in the Highlands. I walked along the river Ness and enjoyed some more of my packed lunch! Following are some pictures from my walk!


Downtown Inverness


Above: The castle of Inverness with the Scottish flag!

Below: In the evening my friend took me out to the nearby famous lake of Loch Ness. It was a beautiful evening with the sun coming through! Scotland is truly beautiful!


Above: The Scots called me brave, but I think in their mind they where thinking “Who is that crazy lady?”. So yes, I did take a dip in the cold Loch Ness but no, I did not get kissed by Nessie.


Below: I got to spend the second night with another friend from Sweden at her and her husband’s farm. This was the view from their guestroom! Not bad!


On the Sunday morning my friend and I drove over the mountains down to Southern Scotland  and to the city of Glasgow. From Glasgow I took the train (see below) out west to the coast to arrive in West Kilbride where the course was going to start.

P1110258b P1110261b

I am hoping to post some pictures soon of the beautiful scenery here in West Kilbride. So until then!


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