Teaching on the digestive system, diarrhoea and worms…!

This week I had the privilege of teaching in another IPHC (acronym for Introduction to Primary Health Care). It is a 6 month course to train people with no medical background in how to do community health care, and especially how they can improve the health of people in communities.

I did the school myself now already 12 years ago (!) in Australia and really see that the school gives great tools to really strengthen communities, especially its women and children. This week’s topic was the digestive system with some diseases, especially diarrhoea and worms… So prevention is an important element. UNICEF India have been running a campaign called Poo2Loo, since almost 50% of the Indian population still practice, what is called open defecation. In preparation for the teaching I found some great new resources for our students, like this mobile “Facts for Life” in 5 Indian languages, plus English. I get very excited when I give on some resources that the students can go back to and make the knowledge their own. Well below follow some pictures from the past week, starting with the beautiful travel back to Lonavala from Pune.

P1100265bP1100290bP1100303bP1100309bP1100320bHow do these pieces fit together?

P1100323bSee like this 🙂P1100332bP1100340bP1100342bP1100345b


On the Friday we went to a nearby community, to put some of the theory into practice.

P1100376b P1100362b


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