Beautiful Maharashtra

After being in Delhi for four weeks I made the journey south to the state of Maharashtra, home of Mumbai (former Bombay) and India’s second largest city (after Kolkata). However I didn’t go to Mumbai but to Pune, about 150 km east.   P1100153b

Waiting in the bus before boarding the plane in Delhi. Much of the country got some refreshing rain!


At arrival in Pune!


I stayed with friends in the old town of Lonavala, along the Mumbai-Pune highway. It is a popular getaway for the rich and famous from Mumbai. Just behind where I was staying the famous former cricket player, Sachin Tendulkar is building (yet another) mansion for himself. When going around in the town and its surroundings you can see why it is so popular.


P1100181bP1100201b P1100202b P1100212b

Last Sunday I went with a friend to a resort nearby to swim and we enjoyed some good food with a beautiful view over the hills. Apparently this becomes even more beautiful as the rain comes in the summer and everything become green! I would like to come back for that.

P1100226b P1100232b P1100235bP1100236b

The swim was so refreshing!


On our way out from the resort we found these interesting looking flowers. God is so creative!

I am really enjoying being back in India, and seeing new places! It is good to meet friends again and talk and work on how future community health workers in the sub-continent can become better equipped for the job. It is good to get the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice and to pass it on!


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