Back in India


I have now been back in India for over two weeks and I am trying to gather my thoughts as to what to write. It is all so strangely familiar to be back, yet it is all so different as well. Since having lived in the city seven years ago A LOT has changed. There is now metro lines all over the city (see pictures below), air conditioned buses, more and bigger shopping malls, supermarkets/department stores and so much more that I haven’t quite seen yet. Some things have changed but not completely yet. The streets are cleaner, yet the rivers still stink terribly, the air is (if possible) even more polluted (read an article on it here), so much so that it is the most polluted city in the world.

IMG_1707 IMG_1705

Last week I attended a gathering with lots of women working in community development from all over North India in the city of Chandigarh. Chandigarh was a completely planned city, and when the Indians put their mind to it, well I guess that is so with anybody, they really do a great job at it. Wide roads, lots of green parks and trees along the roads. This makes for good traveling and a very walk-able town.


And here are some pictures from where we were at outside the city (so the not so planned area of town).

P1100084b P1100086b

Since I have a passion for breastfeeding promotion I approached the organizers of the gathering and asked if they would be interested in a workshop on breastfeeding. They said “yes”! So I got to speak (see picture below) on my all time favorite topic and inspire women to do breastfeeding well and/or to support other breastfeeding women. I hope this is something they will be able to bring back to their communities.



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