Rabarberabrikozenjam! (Rhubarb and apricot jam)


A few weeks ago I was going through my “storage” of marmalades and discovered to my disappointment that I had run out of my favorite one of all time “rabarberabrikozenjam”. My childhood favorite that never gets old. But where was I to get a hold of rhubarb? I live in Uppsala and as a student I cannot afford buying the quantity I would need from the store. Then a friend posted on facebook that she had a whole lot just up for grabs! What a blessing! God hears our prayers even before we pray them (paraphrased from Is 65:25)!

My parents brought the recipe over while visiting friends in Belgium in the mid 70s and they have since spread it to many people. It is to some known as the “Ruinerwolder” recipe (named after my hometown in the Netherlands) or “the famous Dutch recipe” (by my classmates), but the true origin is unknown. I thought I would now let it go “viral” on the web! Well, but at least spread the amazing recipe to more people.

All you need is lots of rhubarb, sugar and some dried apricots. So here it comes:

You need 10 glass jars


2.5 kg rhubarb sliced up in approximately 0.5 cm slices


3 kg sugar


400 g dried apricots cut up in small pieces

This is than put in layers in a large pan. I used a 10 L pan but that was slightly too small so if you have a bigger one use that, or divide it into two or more pans.





Repeat until finished. Then leave it over night. This is needed so that everything gets soft and the juice from the rhubarb is extracted, so no need to add any additional water for the cooking process.


Then cook it on a low heat. Stir in between. When the rhubarb pieces are broken, then it is done. You can also tell that it is done when it starts boiling bubbles that splash (so it is a little thicker than before). (It took me about 2 hours, but that was since my pot was full to the brim and it was difficult to stir)


Then poor it into cleaned jars. Clean the jars properly with soap and hot water (or in the dishwasher) and then you can put it in an oven at 100 degrees (Celcius) for about 5-10 minutes. The lids you can dip in boiling water (can add salt too the water). This is especially important if you want the jam to last for a while. Tighten the screw lids properly. Be prepared to make a mess. Just clean up after yourself!

Voila! A delicious jam that is great on toast! It is a little runny, but that is okay. A warning though, that once you have tasted this jam, you are hooked! Good luck and let me know if there is anything that is unclear.P1080434b

Och här en sammanfattning på svenska:

10 burkar

2,5 kg rabarber

3 kg socker

400 g torkade aprikoser

Lägg rabarber, socker och aprikoser i lager i en kastrull och låt stå över natten. Koka sedan upp och låt koka på låg värme tills rabarber bitarna har gått sönder, häll sedan upp i rena burkar. Lycka till!







One thought on “Rabarberabrikozenjam! (Rhubarb and apricot jam)

  1. Jill says:

    The “rabarberabrikozenjam” has been taste tested and granted full marks by both a Canadian and a Danish discriminating palate (equal gender balance, I might add). Combine that with the approval of Astrid’s Global Health master’s class members, I think we have international acclaim on this delicious “confiture”. Thanks Astrid, for sharing.

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