What a week! part 1

About three weeks ago I got an e-mail from one of my professors saying that he still had two tickets for when Bill Gates was visiting Karolinska Institutet (KI – the medical university in Stockholm) and if I wanted one of them. Of course! I could not let that opportunity forgo! So Bill and Melinda Gates have been made honorary doctors of KI in 2007. Since Bill Gates’ annual letter is full of Prof Hans Roslings’ (Prof in Global Health at KI) statistics and messages Bill came to talk about his letter and his vision for being a part of ending extreme poverty in his lifetime. Already before this meeting I had a very high opinion of both Bill and Melinda, well this has only increased. Allow me to tell the story of the Monday morning of the 31st of March 2014 in my own words. For the whole lecture, see http://ki.se/en/bill-gates-meets-hans-rosling-at-ki

Here below arriving at Aula Medica, the new and fancy main auditorium of Karolinksa Institutet, Solna, Stockholm.

ImageI wonder if Bill Gates arrived in this nice Saab 9-5 model (Saab’s latest and last edition)… (This picture was especially taken for my brother Matthijs, who used to work for Saab.)ImageI have had the pleasure of hearing Hans Rosling speak now a few times, but this was the first time where he was not the main act, but just giving the introduction to the main person of the morning! Here he shows all the amount of aid that is given annually by governments in duplo blocks (yes he mentioned that he had a few grandchildren ;)), with each block representing 1 billion USD. The US aid is at the bottom in red, the Netherlands in the appropriate orange and above that Sweden in blue. Hans Rosling is holding the amount of that the Gates foundation is donating annually in white. You can see it is only one small part of the whole, and see what they can do, so let us continue to root for our governments to be generous in aid. Do read myth 2 in the annual letter if you disagree with me.

ImageLots of people!

ImageOh and here comes Bill Gates himself. This was picture time with Hans Rosling and the vice chancellor of Karolinska.

ImageBill Gates needed some help to get his power point to work!

Image Thank you Hans, that Microsofot software is not the best…!

Image The panel, why the small (only 3000 members) Swedish organisation promoting free sex was in the panel is beyond me, but Bill Gates answered them alright.

ImageWell I was very happy that Bill Gates mentioned primary health care several times as a solution in his answers. I believe he is right, but it is a huge task that I hope to be a part of soon!



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