A year of Uppsala


Now I have lived one full year in Uppsala!It has been a joy to walk and bike through this historical town. I only have half a year left in this city, maybe longer, but I sure will miss it. So I thought of making a collection of some similar pictures through the seasons.

Firstly the Cathedral, that can be see from almost all over the city! A reminder of that the place of worship should be at the heart of society and of the city!P1020685b




P1070204bAnd then some pictures of the castle that King Vasa built.

P1040495bP1050201bP1060941bAnd some other pictures from around the city. Firstly from a short walk in the park during our lunch break with three classmates.

P1040610bP1040491bP1070057b P1070065bP1070237bMikaelskyrkan, a small church were my congregation meets in every Sunday in the little snow that we had a few days this winter.


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