The gold of Bangladesh – Jute

The Bangladeshis are proud of many things, but the one thing they are most proud of, except for their language, is their jute, also known as their “gold”. Bangladesh is the largest producer of this amazing material, for more info on jute check out:

P1050860bTwo weeks ago I got to see the harvesting of jute in the area around Matlab, while on another home-visit adventure (see also). When the jute is ripe the stems are cut down and, in bundles, immersed in water, there a sort of rotting process starts.

P1050867b P1050870bOnce the rotting process is done, the “bark” of the stems is peeled off, washed and…
P1050884b…hung up to dry
P1050865b P1050856b P1050855bWhen I saw the drying jute from up close I said it looked like blond hair. I joked saying I could use it to lengthen my hair. Then my companion for the day told me that one of our guys had just said the previous day that my hair looked like jute 🙂 Not sure how to take that…

And here is the dear research companion for the day and I on the rikshaw:P1050864b



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