Back in Dhaka

I am now into my last week in Bangladesh for this trip. It has been overall good, although I must admit, sometimes a little slow, since I have had to find things to do often, but let us not dwell on that, overall it has been a great trip. Being back in Dhaka means I have been back at the icddr,b office a couple of times and back in “my” cubicle, or Mahdiya’s cubicle.P1060178b

Friday’s and Saturday’s are the weekends here and last Saturday and today I’ve gone to the Dutch Club here in Dhaka, it is a recreation spot for expats, and firstly for Dutch expats. In driving past it is difficult to miss their gate:P1060177bA good cup of coffee is always goodP1060173bAnd swimming is my favorite way of getting a little excerciseP1060226bSince I do not have so much to do at iccdr,b these last two weeks I have taken the opportunity to visit some other organisations. One of the once I have become quite curious of, in reading a bit on community health workers for my Master’s, is BRAC. So it was an honour for me to visit their headquarters…


…and their work in a nearby slum (

P1060194bLooking out over the city from the 19th floor of the BRAC building, Dhaka actually looks quite beautiful, which it really is in some places, but most places are quite chaotic, not my kind of beauty…P1060180bView from the restaurant on the 4th floor, the slum that we visited can be seen to the left in the picture across the “river”. In the restaurant I had a lovely dinner and lo and behold the founder of BRAC, Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, also decided to have his lunch at the same time! I never got to talk to him, but who knows, some time in the future! P1060197bOn Wednesday I went to see a ministry that reaches out to the urban poor north of the city. They have a small clinic where they do great antenatal care for pregnant women and they also have a small pre-school in a small slum:P1060209bWednesday was also the first day of Ramadan in Bangladesh. So I had the traditional Iftar, that they eat to break their fast in the evening. Sweet and salty mixed, quite delicious.
P1060217b P1060219bAnd this is just as a preview for a post that will come up at some point about my adventure in sewing a skirt on a foot-peddle sewing machine:P1060221bUntil next time!


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