Jackfruit and other fruits

During my time here in Bangladesh I have had a few different fruits. Of course I have had lots of bananas, not like the bananas you get at home, they are small, chubby and oh sooo delicious! Then mango has been a favorite one. Summer means mango season, one thing that makes the hot weather a little more bearable.P1050489bOn one of my trips back from Dhaka to Matlab, while we where waiting for the ferry to come, one of my fellow passengers bought this fruit that I do not know the name of and I got to taste some of it.

P1050476bIt grows in a kind of palm tree, the fruit looks like giant apples and the inside look and taste a little like lichees.


But the fruit the Bangladeshis are especially proud of is the jackfruit, their national fruit. To me it looked somewhat like the durian fruit, and I had heard not so positive things about that one, that it is super smelly… Well but then they insisted it tasted really good, so I forced myself to try. Those of you who know me, I am not so eager to try new kinds of foods, especially not fruits… So I am quite proud of myself! Oh and to my surprise, it was really delicious! This of course should not have come as a surprise to me, but it did.

P1050431bMany of the “sub-centres” (small primary health care centres, one in each of the four blocks of Matlab, run by iccdr,b and where we would go to meet the “subjects” to take the measurements we needed) had jackfruit trees on their compounds.

P1050663bThe fruit is of course best enjoyed with friends/colleagues!

P1050666b P1050664b



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