Chandpur-Dhaka by boat

Last Thursday I took my brother’s advice and came back to Dhaka from Matlab, via Chandpur by boat. I was going to travel with two other “Westeners”, who had made the journey before. But since this is Bangladesh, and things do not always go as you hope they would, I missed the ferry… Well after getting over the first disappointment I found the next ferry and got some great help from a kind man. I really needed the help since I had my big suitcase, a backpack, smaller bag and a bag with some food items…  Enough about all that. The journey was a true adventure and it was so beautiful I could not stop taking pictures. Thankfully my newly made friends waited for me at the docks in Dhaka and I was very grateful for that, since it was a little crazy there, like most places in Dhaka. For those of you who are interested in the route, follow this link: but discard the travel by road, it did not give me the option of choosing the river as route, but I think you can imagine that yourself.

So enough said, here are the pictures. Leaving Chandpur.P1050939bI got this tiny cabin, and after a bit of a wild trip before getting on the ferry I looked like this:


P1060030bAnd this was the view

P1050947bBut these are kind of boring pictures so let me give you the rest as well!P1050945b P1050970bIn the “bridge” with the second steersman.  P1060029bA skyline of brick factories:P1060059bP1060096b P1060091bP1060085bP1060167b P1060152b P1060154b

P1060165bArrival at the “ghat” or final destination in Dhaka.P1060166bLet me know if you enjoyed the ride!



7 thoughts on “Chandpur-Dhaka by boat

    • astridklomp says:

      No, I never did. It was too hot and stuffy to close the door behind me. It was only a four hour journey in the afternoon, and I did not want to miss too much of the scenery. 🙂

    • astridklomp says:

      More just different. Definitely worth the experience though! But with luggage and needing to make a few changes and CNG rides, it was a bit of a hassle. So if I had a motorbike I would vote for this option.

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