Homevisit adventure

Last week I went on a “homevisit” for the first time. The day before we collect data we go to somebodies (this is well thought through who this is, but I will not get into too much research lingo…) home to ask them if they can participate in our project and then we ask them to a whole lot of questions. So I went out with one of our brave data collectors out to even more rural Bangladesh then the little village of Matlab is. The sad thing is I often don’t get pictures of the most exciting things, since I am concentrating on the road, trying to stay inside a very shallow boat, ducking for low-hanging roofs in a market place, covering from the rain. So you only get to see some semi-exciting pictures… But I think they will do.

Our journey started off with taking a “CNG” (a motorized little taxi, built for carrying three people, but of course that is just the recommendation)P1050794b

Then we took a rikshaw (a bicycle with two seats at the back) as far out as possible until the road was obstructed by low-laying roofs outside small shops, so we had to walk through this little market to get to the river where we went on a little boat. I admit I was a little scared, since I am not so used to balancing on a very shallow rowing boat. We then continued by foot and that is where I could start taking pictures again. It was muddy I tell you! This thanks to the never ceasing rain.


The result:

P1050828bBut it sure was very beautiful. 

P1050834bThree weeks ago they where harvesting rice, now the next crop is already growing.

P1050839bI truly admire these amazing men and woman that help us out in collecting data, so we can get better understanding and be able to build evidence based advice to improve the health of those that are in need. At the end of the day we had walked about 1½ hour totally over roads where you can only go on foot. The people where very friendly in helping us find our way. One man, and later a girl (see picture below), walked quite far with us, through the mud and the rain. Amazing people! I am hoping for less rain for tomorrow, since I am going on a similar adventure again.



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