Water, lots of it and boats

I have got this fascination for boats. Since I am Dutch, growing up by the seaside in Sweden I have this love for water, and therefore also for boats as they bring this colour on the water, and of course, as they are used to take us across water, or take goods across water. Here is some pictures from my growing collections of boats here in Bangladesh.


Here cement is transported over the river, filling it to the very maximum.
P1050416b P1050412b

An older man taking his boat from his field home.

You can take the ferry to cross the river to leave (or come) back to Matlab

P1050684b P1050481c

Or go as a foot-passenger.P1050692b P1050686b

P1050683b P1050484c P1050480bHere is some of colleagues on one of these boats


Oh and look who also went, looking happy but also a little scared…



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