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It is another Friday in Bangladesh, and that means the first day of the weekend. So since this is a day off this would be a perfect day to put up a post. I was planning to regularly update this blog but since things have been going slow, and I feel there has not been so much to write about, time has passed and I have not been doing what I promised. A whole month has passed now, and today in four weeks I will be leaving Bangladesh. And looking back at this past month, I actually have been doing quite a few things, just not so much of what I had planned. I was supposed be joining a project where I would help take nutritional measurements on women that had been exposed to a famine while they where still unborn. We want to see if there has been an effect on these woman and see if they are different in any way to some of their peers that where not exposed to this famine. But to cut a long story short, we have been able to start, since we have been waiting for our last ethical approval. Now it seems it has come in and we will start this coming week.

Out in Matlab, I have been joining a team that is collecting similar data like we will be collecting on these women, but then on 10 year old children. The data has been collected out on a “field site” where icddr,b does a lot of research. The “field site” is about 100 km south of Dhaka and is out in the country with low-laying land, that means a lot of water, and also a lot of cholera (the expertise of icddr,b). In the beginning of my trip I was one week in Matlab (the “field site) and just this last week. So all this to say that I want to share some pictures from this area because it is very beautiful.


During my first week it rained a lot. I took this shot from the car, I thought it gave an interesting view.


The view on the 200m walk between the guest house and the  canteen. It is like walking through paradise every time!

And this is the path leading to the canteen!P1050412b P1050452b

The rice fields ripe for harvest. It made me think of Matthew 9:37-38 “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Bangladesh needs laborers, are we willing to go when He sends us?


This scenery always reminds me of my calling. My calling to the Northern part of South Asia, a calling to be a part of setting the poor and needy free. Through this trip I hope to get further equipped for the task ahead of me.


P1050752bFor those ever been to the iccdr,b Health and Research Centre, Matlab this will be a known sight. It the bridge leading from the “main” road onto icddr,b’s area. For those suffering from cholera, other diarrhoeal diseases, pregnant women or malnourished children, this is the bridge that leads to help at the hospital. But more about that some other time. But just one more picture before I finish this post:




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