Arrival in Dhaka, Bangladesh

P1050298bReady to leave Uppsala for Bangladesh. My sister-in-law and nephew came to visit me in the morning and then helped me move my last things and then pack my last things and then drop me off at the bus stop. Ready for a a new adventure!

P1050302bA midnight stop at Doha, Qatar.

P1050304bI had to be a little patient at the airport, waiting in immigration and waiting for my luggage. I managed to get a little worried that my suitcase wouldn’t arrive, but there it finally was (2,5 hours after landing…). I was picked up my friends David and Marjorie, and I will be staying with them the first few days. That afternoon we had a real tropical storm, with heavy wind, rain and thunder.

P1050307bFinally we got to play Phase 10 again together. The winner is yet to win, we will continue later tonight, hopefully.

P1050309bThanks to the Swedish tax payers!

P1050310bFirst day at the job! Well, I registered and got my ID-card and got a little introduction. I will be working on a project that is in collaboration with ICDDR,B and Uppsala University (my university). This is what they say about themselves on their website: ” icddr,b is the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh – an international health research institution located in Dhaka. Dedicated to saving lives through research and treatment, icddr,b addresses some of the most critical health concerns facing the world today, ranging from improving neonatal survival to HIV/AIDS. In collaboration with academic and research institutions throughout the world, icddr,b conducts research, training and extension activities, as well asprogramme-based activities, to develop and share knowledge for global lifesaving solutions.”

Here I am at the Dhaka office, but I will be mainly in a little village about 4-5 hours driving south of Dhaka, so called Matlab. Stay tuned and you will hear more about my journey through the research world in a low-income-setting!


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