My India trip from the air

On Sunday evening I just returned from a great trip to India and visiting family in friends on the Swedish west coast. To be able to make the most of visiting friends in India I flew quite a bit this time and by the end of it I ended up with all these pictures taking from the airplane, that I thought I would share with you.


Flight: Delhi to Bagdogra. This is Delhi, one of my favourite cities!


Flight: Patna to Delhi. Just after take-off from Patna. It was a great first visit to this city.


Flight: Delhi to Moscow. Overlooking down-town (I believe) Moscow. Coming from the impending summer in India, seeing all this snow was a contrast.


Flight: Moscow to Stockholm. This is the archipelago of Stockholm. Very beautiful!


Flight: Stockholm to Göteborg. I don’t know what lake this is, but it is still fully covered with ice.

P1050010BFligth: Göteborg to Stockholm. On my way home (finally)! They announced that we would fly over Uppsala, so this is it: my hometown (for now)!



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