Spring too Fall




Johannesburg too Uppsala. Last week I was in Johannesburg, South Africa and the spring was just starting, with trees blooming. Above you see a Jacaranda tree, known for causing the purple glaze over Johannesburg in spring. My kind host, Bronwen, showed me around Johannesburg and suggested I should come back in a months time and see it for myself. But I couldn’t stay, I had to get back to class and to fall in Uppsala. But I was met with beautiful fall days. Today it was cold and freezing. But the sunshine in fall absolutely makes up for the days getting shorter. Stay tuned and I will tell you more about my trip to Johannesburg. If you can not wait for that you can go to Loom’s blog here, with pictures and stories from some of my teachings.

Please feel free to leave some feedback or things you are missing from my blog.

Enjoy your weekend!


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