Going to South Africa

Tomorrow I leave for South Africa! That might be an explanation to why there has not been an updated post for a while. I have been busy preparing for the teaching that I will be holding on child health. I am so excited and slightly nervous at the same time… Since Bangladesh (march) I have been working on the teaching material together with a man who works in Bangladesh. We have together been putting this material together that includes the different health topics in child health. In the process we have been working together with UNICEF, locally and internationally. This material will now be taught for the first time in South Africa (SA) to representatives from every district in SA who work with children to some capacity within the Methodist Church. The participants will then take the teaching material and teach the people that they are responsible for. I am very excited about the possibility of multiplication in this project. I would really appreciate your prayer for the time, for protection over myself and my belongings (thinking of what I’ve heard about SA before), that I will be able to enjoy this new country for me, and its people. I will have the opportunity to tell you all about it when I get back. Until then!

This is a detail from the nutrient cards that the participants will make. This picture represents the micronutrients, since micornutrients have an important role in the (mental) development of a child.

Here is a beginner to a “community poster” I will use during the whole teaching with all the “Facts for Life” (a UNICEF publication) icons that we got permission to use from the UNICEF headquarters in New York! Very exciting I think!


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