New beginnings

A long overdue post is finally being written. Lots has happened, so lets dive right into it!

Wednesday August 29th was the Welcome Ceremony held for all exchange and Master’s students at Uppsala University, and believe it or not, I was one of them! It was surreal that I am a student at this quite prestigious university. I feel so privileged to be here and to finally start my Master’s in International Health! Here are some pictures from the university main building and the ceremony.


An exciting student!


The entrance hall in the main building


The universities vice chancellor holding her speach inside the main buildingImage

The main university building from the outside


The landmark for the city; it’s Cathedral!


Then I started my Master’s in International Health with Global Health as it’s first course. I am already feeling quite at home. We are at the Institute for International Mother and Child Health (IMCH) and at the Department for Woman and Children’s Health (KBH). Does this sound like an institute that fits my profile? It is a fairly small institute with people from all over the world. I’ve already acquainted myself with some South-Asians! One from India and two from Bangladesh, these are all PhD students. It is very laid back institute with laughter being heard frequently. My class contains about 60% Swedes and then there is USA, UK, Canada, Romania, Lithuania, Netherlands (me), Germany, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia and Nepal! So a pretty diverse class, which I like of course. But I am sure you will get to know my class more as time goes by.



Here are two fellow students the other day, when we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day! We have to enjoy them while they last. Uppsala has lots of nice café’s and diners. This one was definitely worth the visit!Image


Baby-sitting my brother’s children for the first time since I moved here. I believe it went quite well. Here they are doing some acrobatics. Natalie (the oldest) was the instructor!

Until next time!


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