On the road again!

On the train towards Ljungskile, a wedding, seeing family and later on to Denmark for a conference for a summer course I’m following this August. Before we get into that this was me in Stockholm at the central station earlier today:

Today was my last day of my scheduled work at the maternity ward. I worked in a couple of days I had in August this past weekend which meant I worked 8 days in a row. I have come to enjoy the work more and more. Among colleagues we have had a lot of fun. Laughed and have enjoyed working together. As I got more into my role as nurse/midwife in working with the families I was able to enjoy the contact with my patients (mother and their babies and  their husband helping them). So I have to admit I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to being back on the ward at times during the fall when I have time and need some extra cash.

My time on the ward has also been very edifying as I have learnt lots on breastfeeding, post delivery care, newborn care etc and this all in a Swedish setting, as supposed to my previous Indian experience. I believe this will be helpful as I prepare for further studies.

In between work I have made sure I get a bit of time to relax. My café au lait are one of those favorites or taking a chair out into the park next to my apartment complex.

This Friday I will attend my best friend Märit’s wedding, that is why I am making this trip to Ljungskile, my former hometown. Tomorrow my summer course, Public Health Nutrition in the EU, will start. It is a distance course including eight days at a conference in Hirtshals, Denmark. In Denmark people from WHO (world health organisation) and the EU will come and teach and discuss different policies on health promotion within the area of nutrition. I am very exciting about the potential contacts this might bring. Before and after the conference in Denmark (August 10th-18th) I will be in Ljungskile visiting friends, family and work on my distance studies.

So stay posted and feel free to


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