The beautiful city of Uppsala

One morning I thought I would share my route to work one day, since it’s really worth sharing. Uppsala is a city full of history, especially in the area of education. Uppsala University was established 1477, one of the oldest in Europe and has therefore a long history.  There are many old buildings, this is one of the main University buildings, on the front it says: “Universitas Regia Upsaliensis”. It also has names attached to it that are well known, like Anders Celcius (1701-1744), Carl von Linné (1707-1778) who categorized lots of plants. So back to my route to and from work:   

Here are the two buildings that make Uppsala’s skyline: “Slottet” (the castle) with its round towers in its four corners and “Domkyrkan” (the Cathedral) with its two tall pointy towers, respectively to the right and the left. Further on I pass “Fyrisån”, a stream going right through the centre, here passing the Cathedral again. This is not one of the loveliest buildings in Uppsala, but a very significant one for me, here is the Institution for Mother and Child Health (IMCH) on the 3rd floor in the brown brick building. This is where I will be studying for the next two years. I continue on along Fyrisån and enjoy my bike ride, feeling like a true Dutch Woman again! I really enjoy my bike ride along these beautiful buildings, although I am often in a hurry, to get in time for work…

Here is the typical Slottet again.

Here I have just turned up onto the hospital premises. Akademiska sjukhuset (or “Ackis” for people of Uppsala), is a large university hospital, with lots of research being done, especially in the area of Woman and Children’s Health. This building is “Kvinnokliniken” or the Woman’s clinic, where everything from deliveries to other gynecological diseases are treated. On the 4th floor is my working place, the Maternity Ward.

Here I am in a hurry to get down to my locker to get changed for another day of work. Today I took some more pictures, while enjoying an hour of leisure after work in “Stadsträdgården” a park right next to the hospital. You can tell Uppsala’s heritage from Carl von Linné with its beautifully planned parks and flowers. 

Loving summer and the few hours of sun we are getting! Better enjoy it while it lasts. Until next time!


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