A bigger kitchen is keeping me busy

I am really enjoying having a bigger kitchen and thought to share some of what I’ve been able to make in it! 

Chicken Curry 

My favorite recipe for making Indian food.

Råsunda Special

I baked this bread recipe for about 3 years while studying, then my previous kitchen didn’t have a proper oven so this move has been a real upgrade in that regard. Really enjoying my own home-made bread!

Elderflower cordial

My dear friend Jessica and I made some “flädersaft”, this is made from elderflowersA lovely cordial that can be enjoyed all year around.


This year the strawberries have been fairly cheap so I took the chance of making some jam. I’ve also enjoyed strawberries with most anything. Loving the taste but also it’s high content of Vitamin C!

This compilation is full of summer to me! Fresh sallad and potatoes! Very Dutch too 🙂

I hope you are enjoying your summer where ever you are and however it looks like. This summer has been a very rainy one for us in North West Europe, but I’m trying to enjoy the moments I am off work and get to sit in the sun between showers.


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