Settling in in Uppsala and “Midsommar”


My first weekend settling in, this is my bedroom before unpacking some of the boxes, there are still some left to unpack but that will come with time.


Now I can visit my brother Harald more easily than before. Here is my youngest nephew Vincent.


Nephew and Niece playing together, all dressed up to cheer for the Dutch team… to no prevail 😦


My first guests in my new place, my sister with her family who also helped me move all my things (see previous post).


Saying goodbye to my nephew Samuel…


I have now started working at “Ackis”, as Akademiska Sjukhuset (hospital) is called locally. So far it is good, although a bit overwhelming. I work on a maternity ward with Moms, their partner and their newborn baby. It entails giving lots of affirmation and encouragement to the parents on breastfeeding and making sure their okay. Please pray for God’s wisdom and that I will be able to be God’s outstretched hand somehow.


Anna and Kristofer are the ones I am renting this apartment from, I made them a full Indian meal with Chicken Tandoori. The Tandoor spice was sort of pink, but still very tasty.


“Our” last hope for the Netherlands to go further in the European Cup was dashed when we lost another match.


Dancing around the midsummer pole and girls in dresses with flowers in their hair! Celebrated with people from Livets Ord at Ribbingebäck. It was sunny and warm – a great recipe for celebrations outside!


In honor of Swedish midsummer I baked my first strawberry cake.


A friend who just arrived in Uppsala and will be moving here sometime this summer. We will be able to explore the city together!


3 thoughts on “Settling in in Uppsala and “Midsommar”

  1. Rob and Veronica says:

    Hey Astrid! That Tandoori chicken and hte cake look incredible! Wish I had known you were making it, we just might have filled the car with benzine and joined you for dinner! 😉

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