Lots of goodbye’s

Starting to say goodbye to people and making the most of visiting friends. Here comes a collection from those visits and walks!Image

My Sister Sabina reading for her Son Samuel from a Swedish kids book in Dutch!



This is my the local hospital that I’ve worked at as a nurse since last year January and this is how I looked like most days.


On a beautiful walk with my friend Karin, yes this is walking distance from where I live now. I will really miss living near the sea.



This is Dongin, who is helping us with some of the design for the Celebrating Children Workshop.



My parents for a visit and my dear friend Leia and I on a walk. We take every opportunity for a walk in the lovely spring weather.


I will miss this kitchen view, looking forward to having a bigger stove so I can start baking more and cooking even more.

ImageMy brother was having his PhD ceremony (not sure what that’s called in English) and my parents where invited. I had the honor of helping dress my Mom and some with my dad too. Aren’t they dashing!

ImageThe base leader at Restenäs and my Dad at the Spring party!




On a walk and then a stop for “fika” with my two best friends! Will miss them so…


This is along a walk near Uddevalla where there is a stop with the scripture from Psalm 23, in Swedish it says: “You lead me by waters where I find rest”!


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