Uppsala and International Health

The end of March I went for a weekend to Uppsala. This time not to visit my brother Harald who has lived there for the past 10 years, but to scout it out for when I will move there myself June 8th 2012. I went to look at an apartment that I will be able to rent from friends while they are gone in India. It was a beautiful weekend and a beautiful city so I want to share some of the pictures I took with you.



Downtown Uppsala


September 3rd I will start my Master’s in International Health at Uppsala University at the IMCH (floor 4). I went to peak at my future classrooms at the setting up on floor 4! It was very exciting. It is like a dream come true to finally be able to study International Health!

My brother and sister-in-law where out of town with their youngest son Vincent but I did get to hang out with my nieces Natalie and Nadja for an afternoon though!

I was also able to apply for a job at the local hospital “Akademiska”. It is an academic hospital where a lot of research is being done. I got offered a job at a post-delivery ward where I will be working full-time over the summer and then as an extra job next to my studies in the fall.

On my way home I went through Stockholm and this was the view from the train while leaving.

I am very excited for what the future will bring and the potentials that lay ahead in this new time in my life. I am so grateful to God for bringing be thus far. so keep posted on how things will develop!


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