My trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh

As the rain is drizzling down outside I am taking my chance to get a bit more serious about reconnecting with you. A lot has happened and things are falling into place. Only a month left until I’ll be moving Uppsala. So let me give you a short overview of the past months through the following pictures.

First I went to Bangladesh for nearly 4 weeks in February/March to help out on a “Celebrating Children Workshop” (CCW). CCW is a 4 week training for workers that minister to “children at risk” (e.g. street children, children from poverty stricken homes etc). I was there to see a bit of Bangladesh, meet its people at to see how the CCW was done

A street in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Celebrating the the International Mother Language Day

Our small team to Bangladesh

Fun with new friends! I had the privilege of staying with the family Johnson

I got to go to a small clinic that saw about 80 pregnant woman during their pregnancy but also after delivery!

On our way to the local UNICEF office where we got some books

Here is the result!

It was great to see a new country, especially in South Asia. It was so good too be back. I felt so at home and was again confirmed that this was indeed where I was supposed to come back to and do more of Primary Health Care development.


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